January 2018 Draw Details

The draw took place on 31st January 2018.

Number of members included in the draw: 47

Prize fund: £47

The winning number was drawn using the random number generator “RNG Plus” application by RandomAppsInc.


WINNER: Patricia Harris

Congratulations to our winner this month who receives a cheque for £47.

Thank you to all our members for supporting the Community Interest Group through the 100 Club.

Since the 100 Club started in May this year, £359 has been distributed to our 8 lucky monthly winners, with the same amount contributing towards our community projects. 

Please tell your family, friends, and neighbours  about the 100 Club. It’s a great way of having a bit of a flutter whilst at the same time helping the local community.

The more members (maximum of 100) means the prize each month is a lot bigger!

The minimum prize fund for the January 2018 draw will be £47.

The next draw will take place on or just after 27th February.

To register please complete our membership form.