Brereton’s most significant historic asset to become a wedding and conference centre

A Brereton Park residents group want to make you aware that an application has been made to change the use of Brereton Hall in to a 12 bedroom hotel with a new access road from the A50.

At the last Parish Council meeting the applicant advised, on public record, that his intention was to actually run it as a wedding/conference centre with dining for up to 50 people. The application submitted only refers to running Brereton Hall as a 12 bedroom hotel so we felt it was important that the residents of the Parish understood what the true impact of this application is likely to be.

Brereton Hall and Brereton Park are valued assets within our community and many of us enjoy the Public rights of way which allow us to enjoy them. During the consultation for the Brereton Neighbour plan many of you cited ‘the space and peace you associated with the Parish and it is this that you value the most’.

The Brereton Park residents group believe this space and peace is at risk due to:

  • Increased volumes of traffic – even with another road we believe there will be an increase in traffic on the existing road to Brereton Hall due to guests/deliveries making errors.
  • Noise associated with wedding and conferences. The Hall has been run as a function venue before. The noise was so unbearable there was an enforcement notice issued.
  • The new access road will carve through the open countryside which form part of the Hall and Gardens and which define the beauty of our rural Parish.

As the application only states it is to be run as a 12 bedroom hotel we believe it massively understates the impact to our community.

You have the opportunity to have your say as to whether you believe the application should be accepted or rejected. This can be done by registering your comments on the Cheshire East planning application website under applications 17/6117C and 17/6118C. Comments must be made before the 12th January 2018.

You can make a difference so please consider taking a few minutes to express your views on the Cheshire East planning website.

Submitted by: Toni Knott, Grooms Cottage, Brereton – on behalf of  Brereton Park residents action group opposing the development