Investing in Brereton Parish

Decisions were taken to purchase two roving speed indicators and improved audio-visual equipment at Brereton Primary School at the 18th December Brereton Parish Council meeting. The 2018/19 budget (precept) was agreed for the following year in line with the parish council’s objectives, where the main investment will be in further road safety equipment.

Parish Councillors and local people discussed proposals from Highways received that day from Cheshire East for Mill Lane. It was agreed to consider these fully at the next meeting and liaise with residents. In the meantime a request for funding to resurface Mill Lane would be lodged.

There was strong public interest in application 17/6118c to change the use of Brereton Hall from a private residence to a hotel with new access from the A50 and a bridge over the River Croco. The applicant was present and answered a number of questions from over 20 residents, who were concerned about noise, traffic and disturbance in the rural area and the impact on the historic Grade 1 listed building and its surroundings. Using the Brereton Neighbourhood Plan as the guide and considering the amount of public interest, Councillors requested that the application be decided at a CE Planning committee open to members of the public and for a time extension to submit the response from Brereton Parish Council.  Members of the public are encouraged to submit their comments online by 4 January at:

The Parish Council supported the application from Brereton Pre-School to demolish the current structure and replace it with a newer prefabricated building. The Council noted the application for the first phase of the development of the land off London Road for which planning permission for 190 houses has already been obtained. The Parish Council noted that the approved development at Moss Lane will now only have one access point, instead of three and that the detached garages were not permitted.

Cheshire East Council Housing Strategy 2018-2023 consultation was received. The resignation from Stuart Yarwood, long standing Councillor and former Chairman was received. The vacancy will be advertised locally for parishioners to consider joining the Parish Council. Cllr Katrina Morphet reported on a meeting she had attended regarding the 319 bus route. Working with other local parish councils, a proposal is being drawn up to increase the frequency and timings of the public transport service for the local community.  Specifically the proposal would be for the bus to have extra runs earlier and later in the day.  This would allow residents to use the service for work, appointments and link to the station and for children to attend after school clubs independently.

The next meeting of Brereton Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 22nd January 2018.

Submitted by The Clerk, Brereton Parish Council