Vacancy for Parish Councillor

A vacancy exists for a local resident to join Brereton Parish Council, following the resignation of Councillor Yarwood, a long standing Councillor and former Chairman. More details about this vacancy are on the parish noticeboards and website at

In the public forum of the parish Council meeting on 22 January, parishioners raised a number of concerns to safeguard the parish. These included the closure and sale of the parish recycling centre site (Arclid tip) and environmental concerns, the proposed Cheshire East traffic calming scheme for Mill Lane and recent accidents there, the future use of the Carillion site at junction 17, highway repairs and lighting and strong public opposition to the Brereton Hall planning application.

There were over 70 individual objections to application 17/6118c to change the use of Brereton Hall from a private residence to a hotel with new access from the A50 and a bridge over the River Croco.  Using the Brereton Neighbourhood Plan as the guide, the parish council decided to object to the application based on the need for a heritage assessment, the landscape impact and loss of amenity for neighbouring residents. Following their request for the application be decided at a CE Planning committee open to members of the public, it was reported that the application is scheduled for the southern planning committee on 7 February although this date may change.  More details are available at

Parish Councillors discussed proposals from Highways from Cheshire East for Mill Lane. Whilst the measures do not fully meet the wishes of the Mill Lane residents, it was agreed that the proposal should be supported as a first step and then monitored by use of a speed indictor device. A request for funding to resurface Mill Lane has been lodged which is required before the scheme is possible. The enactment of the 40mph stretch of the A54 would be chased up by the clerk, as this is due to come into force before the end of March. The clerk reported that new HGV warning signs are being erected in Smethwick and Moorhead Lane. The Parish Council supported an application for a derelict barn to be converted into a dwelling on Mill Lane, so long as this is in keeping with the appearance of the vicinity.

Councillor Jill Matusiak agreed to contact the Environmental Agency and Councillor Jane Deans would contact Natural England regarding issues of the former Arclid Recycling Centre. Cheshire East would be asked to hold proceeding with the sale until all the facts are available.

Cllr Jane Deans reported on a meeting with the Parishes /Cheshire Constabulary meeting in mid January.  It was reiterated that all crimes however minor should be reported on 101. Cllr Wray reported that Cheshire East plans to begin food recycling as part of their garden waste collection service.

The next meeting of Brereton Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 12 March 2018.

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