StoryPost Design Decision is Imminent

The Community Interest Group hosted a meeting on Tuesday 26th September to review the latest and final designs for the Storypost. Graphic designer and creative art practitioner Gary Nip presented two designs, Emerge Ring and Emerge Wave, together with his interpretation of the brief set by the local project team. He presented this against the background of his research into where communities have been inspired and benefited from public art. Gary emphasised:

“The project is not just about creating something and placing it into the Community Space, expecting everyone to appreciate it. The spirit of the place demands that it is about the community and for the community. Making sure the people of Brereton have the opportunity to engage in this project is essential for its success. We’re planning for the art to transcend the ‘piece and the form’, and to create new projects and activities around StoryPost with different points of engagement so people can contribute in the future, as StoryPost evolves into new meanings.”

The meeting was attended by members of the Community Interest Group who are leading the project, as well as a parish councillor, a representative from Cheshire East Council (ANSA), some residents, and David Brodie senior lecturer from Manchester School of Art who has been advising and mentoring the project team.

Shirely Strang, Community Interest Group chair, said that the StoryPost project is quite a different undertaking for the Community Interest Group in many aspects. From concept to design, this project has been ongoing for quite some time and we are now reaching a decision point. In collaboration with Manchester School of Art, we have achieved two designs either of which meets the brief and will make quite a statement in the Community Space which will encourage community participation in a variety of ways.

Alastair Strang, who is leading the project, commented that the designs presented by Gary reflected a significant increase in the ambition of the project in terms of the scale of the work, the cost of delivering the sculpture, and the community impact it will achieve.

Everyone who attended was excited about both the proposed designs. 3-D models were presented as well as mock-up pictures of how the sculptures will look in the Community Space.

The project team are now reflecting upon which design to progress with and what the cost profile will be.

Look out for an announcement on this very soon, after which we will announce some public meeting dates where the selected design will be available for everyone to see.

Watch this space!