The Brereton Storypost

The Book of the Future aims to record memories and experiences of people who use Brereton Community Space.

The Story So Far . . .

First there was the new Brereton Community Space.

Then there was The Brereton Totem, a community icon of Brereton past, and Brereton present.

Now there is to be the The Brereton Storypost, a unique sculpture to stimulate and encourage residents, friends and visitors to leave their own personal recollections, memories and experiences of using Brereton Community Space. These records will form the pages of our Book of the Future, so that there will be a permanent record of how our community has enjoyed this great facility in our community.

There will be two story books.

The first book records the development of the Storypost from idea, to concept, through design, fabrication and installation. This is where you can find out about what is happening throughout the stages of development of the project. It will enable you to engage and be involved, and to follow the progress the team make.

Brereton Community Interest Group is leading the project, in collaboration with MMU School of Art. Representatives from the parish council and Cheshire East are also involved.

Once the sculpture is completed and installed, the main story of the Book of the Future will start, when residents, friends, and visitors will be invited and encouraged to participate by providing their own stories to record in the book.

In the meantime, please follow the story and let us know what you think. Feedback is always welcome!

Brereton Totem Book of the Future
Brereton Totem Pole Book of the Future