StoryPost Project Update

An extended community group met in September to review the proposed designs for the StoryPost.

This was attended by the Community Interest Group who is spearheading the project, representatives from the Parish Council, David Brodie from the Manchester School of Art who is facilitating and mentoring the artistic content, Gary Nip who is the designer and Duggie Reid from the Manchester School of Art who has modelled the design and produced 3D models. Cheshire East Council were also in attendance as well as some Brereton residents.

Two designs were presented by Gary Nip, Emerge Wave and Emerge Ring.

Consideration was given to the scale, reflective materials, estimated costs, and the approach to the implementation of each sculpture to be located within the Community Space.

Further consideration and review was progressed after the meeting with input sought from those who attended.

At the October meeting of the Community Interest Group, it was agreed that Emerge Ring would be the candidate design to progress to the next stage.

Over the next few months, the next stage of the project will involve more detailed analysis of the design and the implementation options, after which wider community engagement events will be held to present the project, its concept, the proposed sculpture and the legacy it will bring to Brereton. This will be followed by a funding stage where the project will seek grant funding to make the project a reality.

Submitted by: Alastair Strang, StoryPost Project Manager